Zines we like! 3

Here's another old cool zines post, a guest post, done by a friend who came to help catalog for a while. Note: these posts are largely an effort to get people to come help with cataloging by showing them how fun and exciting it is. If you are at all interested, please email at

Zines we like! 2

Here 's the second post...still about a year and a half ago:
This past Tuesday was particularly exciting at the Long Haul Zine Archive, because we came across some real gems of zines. Seriously, I would say these two are my favorites that I’ve come across in the Archive thus far (not counting classics that I already knew).

-Brag of the Female SubGenius by Rev. Yael Ruth Dragwyla

Zines we like! Read while cataloging

I started posting these posts about zines in the zine archive that I particularly liked before we set up this website on, but I still think the zines are really cool so I'm moving the posts over here. This one was maybe, a year and a half ago:
Every time I go to work on cataloging I inevitably find some new exciting (to me) zines. Today was no exception while I was cataloging Perzines. I want to share some:

Pre-site decisions log- part 2: Drupal

3/7/2012 Update - Matto

I’ve got the great majority of the data import working, I did a test import of all the “A” zines, found a few bugs and fixed them. The major things left to do here are:
1) write some code to extract the “Year Published” from the “Additional Date Info” field.
2) Import all the box categories into the site.
3) strategize a bit how to most painlessly import the zine data, given that there’s still a lot of zines to be archived. There’s a couple ways to go about it, none of which should be too bad.

Pre site decisions log- part 1

Hello! Well, the Long Haul Zine Archive Catalog is finally up online, thanks to some help from our special Drupal friend. We wanted to post our decisions log as the first blog post because, well, we are proud that we had the foresight to have made it. We tried to keep notes on the decisions we made and why, so that anyone who gets involved in the project in the future can have a better understanding things, and all just in case any interested parties might want to know. It got pretty long, so we'll break it up into different parts. This first part will be for initial cataloging decisions!