Pre-site decisions log- part 2: Drupal

3/7/2012 Update - Matto

I’ve got the great majority of the data import working, I did a test import of all the “A” zines, found a few bugs and fixed them. The major things left to do here are:
1) write some code to extract the “Year Published” from the “Additional Date Info” field.
2) Import all the box categories into the site.
3) strategize a bit how to most painlessly import the zine data, given that there’s still a lot of zines to be archived. There’s a couple ways to go about it, none of which should be too bad.

Other stuff on my list of things to do are:
1) Help Chelsea get the theming/appearance of the site down.
2) Tie up any loose ends (there are some)
3) Write up some process documentation on how I built the site, including explaining some of my decision making.

Not sure if I’m forgetting anything, but I think these are the major pieces for completing the online portion.

3/8/2012 Update - Matto

I did some more work for the online portion today, including:

1) Started work for importing BOX codes. Right now, I have just the box codes in the system, but thought it would be good to add full title and description as fields. I created a basic spreadsheet w/ all the codes and talked to Chelsea about having someone populating them with appropriate titles / descriptions once they’re agreed upon.

2) Added an About page. Right now it’s blank, but can be updated w/ content once we have it.

3) Added some URL aliases. This makes the urls a little prettier and human readable. Now you can navigate to something like /box/ECO and see all the ECO box zines. Works similarly for author, subject, etc.

4) Added some top level menu stuff: Catalog, Blog and About. This’ll take you to each section.

5) Started working more on the year processing portion. I wrote some code to go through all zines, attempt to find four-digit dates (ex: 1993) and then do some further processing based on how many year dates are found. For zero, nothing is done. For one, the zine record is updates the year published field accordingly. For multiple, I plan on creating a log so that someone can go back through and make some decisions about which to use. Sometimes zines are misdated, other times quarterly zines have multiple years. Just some numbers, I ran through the A-titled zines and found: 119 w/ no year, 464 with one year, and 16 with multiple years.

I’m feeling pretty good about things, and that things are nearly complete on the data side barring some tweaks. Now that there’s some real data in the site, it’s much more apparent how useful it will be for people to find zines on certain topics, from certain regions, years, etc.

One quick though I have is that it may actually be useful to make Published Year a taxonomy term, so that zines can more easily be browsed by year.