Zines we like! 2

Here 's the second post...still about a year and a half ago:
This past Tuesday was particularly exciting at the Long Haul Zine Archive, because we came across some real gems of zines. Seriously, I would say these two are my favorites that I’ve come across in the Archive thus far (not counting classics that I already knew).

-Brag of the Female SubGenius by Rev. Yael Ruth Dragwyla

Starts, “I’m the Infra-Red Woman! I’ve got the Beast of the Abyss between my legs. Vaginal spray deodorant is allergic to me. I’m so good that I make the L.A. Woman look like Miss Kansas City of 1910! I’m tighter than a constipated Scotsman in a pay-toilet! I’ve got muscles in my snatch that haven’t even been invented yet. I make the Virgin Mary look like the Grand Canyon! I use a Q-Tip for a tampax, and a micro-dot for a diaphragm! I’m atomic-powered, honey! You can run deep, but with me you can’t run silent!…” It goes on just like this for 8 pages. Epic. We read it aloud to each other 3 times in a row. Lew pointed out that this zine is peppered with Thelemic references…hmmm. If you don’t know who Lew is you obviously need to come to the Long Haul and get him to drop some knowledge on you about Aleister Crowley and William Blake.

-Backtracking 199485 (we have all 9!)

This is a collection of zines that represent an art collaboration between Erick Lyle (of Scam zine and On the Lower Frequencies) and artist Rigo 23, chronicling seminal events in radical Bay Area history from 1985-1994. Rigo did 9 paintings of radical events that informed his political education, and Erick Lyle compiled zines explaining the historical contexts, mostly using news clippings and articles. According to Robert Eggplant, Erick Lyle did most of his research using our very own zine archive here at the Long Haul! These zines really represent the value of the Zine Archive, and to me serve as a motivator to keep working on organizing and cataloging it better.