Title Author/Editor/Publisher Subjects Place Published Year Published Box Volume Issue
(Dis)Connection Activism, (Anti-)capitalism, Direct Action, DIY Philadelphia, PA 1 994 ACT 1
(Dis)Connection Activism, (Anti-)capitalism, Direct Action, DIY 1 994 ACT 2
(Dis)connection (Dis)co people Activism, (Anti-)capitalism, Direct Action, DIY, Anarchism Detroit, MI 1 995 ACT 4
Because People Matter Sacramento Community For Peace & Justice (Anti-)War, Crime & Punishment, (Anti-)capitalism, Activism Sacramento, CA 1 997 ACT
Communist Legal Subversion, the Role of the Communist Lawyer Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-Sixth Congress First Session (Anti-)capitalism, U.S., Communism Washington 1 959 ACP
Confessions of a Drone Patterson, Joseph Medill (Anti-)capitalism, Labor, Socialism San Francisco, CA (originally published in Chicago, IL) 0, 1 989, 1 906 ACP
Contributions to the Revolutionary Struggle Intended to be Discussed, Corrected, and Principally Put Into Practice Without Delay Rategb, Bratach Dubh, Elephant Editions Anarchism, Labor, (Anti-)capitalism Catania, Italy, London, England (reprinted) 1 990 ACP
D.I. Y. Guide II CrimethInc. Urban Pirates DIY, (Anti-)capitalism Greensboro, NC 0 DIY
Debate Core Publications (Anti-)capitalism, Pan African/ Black Studies, South Africa South Africa 1 998 ACP 2 1
Declaration Of the Revolutionary Internationalist movement Revolutionary Internationalist Movement Marxism/ Communism, Labor, (Anti-)capitalism, History, Philosophy 1 984 ACP